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Gun Holsters

Holsters Must Be S.M.A.R.T.

....S tays
......M uzzle Protected
........A ttaches Firmly to Quality Belt
..........R etention Mechanism
............T rigger Guard Completely Covered

STAY OPEN when the firearm is drawn! Stays covering handgun all day long. Gun never administratively comes out of holster for ANY REASON including toilet breaks while out and about! The material must be something durable like Rigid Premium Leather! Even good Kydex is a second rate choice to Premium Stiff Leather!

MUZZLE must be protected or covered! As a redundant safety feature, you want a negligent discharge first hitting a resounding obstacle , not your delicate skin. Also helps keep handgun clean.

ATTACH firmly to belt! Belt, needs to be very high quality, not a $3.00 Wal-Mart belt.

RETENTION mechanism(s) Mandatory! Handgun should not fall easily from upside-down holster as a bare minimum!

TRIGGER guard must completely cover the trigger and trigger guard of the handgun!.

(hint: Box stores do not sell good holsters as a general rule)

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